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Profitable utopia is “within reach”

Practices will need to up their game to get there

November 14th 2018

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Dispensing profitability utopia is within reach but it requires you to do something to get there, DDA board member Dr Philip Koopowitz told delegates in his conference presentation on challenges facing dispensing practice.

He said: “Take action and start looking after your dispensary, because it is looking after you!”

In his presentation, Dr Koopowitz looked at the wide range of pressures on dispensing profitability, including reduced reimbursement, the Electronic Prescription Service and branded generic dispensing.

He said: “We are seeing eye-watering decreases in actual profit, and percentage profits down across the board by between 4-8 per cent. If you are achieving profits of around £30 per dispensing patient “you should be aiming for at least double that and more.”

He added: “Dispensing doctors will need to raise their game.”

Delegates received a number of tips to improve profitability, including costed-out examples of profitable dispensing scenarios, and instructions on using the dm+d browser where drug price information, including PAs, are available online.

Read the full presentation.

Profitability was also discussed by Dispensing Doctor Solutions, which also presented at the conference. Read the full DDS presentation.


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