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Reminder advice for Scottish prescription submission

Guidance for quicker processing

November 10th 2022

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news Scotland

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Community Pharmacy Scotland has issued the following tips for prescription submissions in Scotland:

  • GP10 prescriptions only in main batch

  • Remove any stationery like sticky notes, staples, and Sellotape from your prescriptions before submitting

  • Separate any stock orders, and invoices and band these together

  • Place all scripts banded together neatly into the bag

  • Use more than one bag if you need to submit more than 6000 forms, marking the bags as “1 of 2”, “2 of 2”, etc.

Please don’t:

  • Place loose prescriptions in the bag

  • Put more than 6000 forms in one bag.

 View this handy video as a guide to preparing your submissions.