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Scotland opens medicines efficiency inquiry

Potential efficiencies to be investigated

October 8th 2019

Tagged: political news Scotland

By Ailsa Colquhoun

The pressure of the cost of medicines for Scotland’s NHS is to be investigated by a Scottish Parliament Committee.

In a new inquiry, Scotland’s Health and Sport Committee will look into ways to improve medicines use and reduce waste. Estimates suggest between 15-50 per cent of prescriptions go to waste.

The inquiry is looking into all aspects of the supply and demand for medicines in Scotland’s NHS including:

  • Purchasing (both procurement and medicine price regulation)
  • Prescribing (who is licensed to write prescriptions)
  • Dispensing (whether through a hospital, a pharmacy or a surgery)
  • Consumption (looking at the effectiveness of prescriptions and any wastage issues).

The inquiry will look to find ways in which the current system could be made more effective and efficient, including through the use of technology.

Comments are open until Friday 22 November. Views can be submitted online.

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