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Scottish dispensing payments decrease by £1m

£21.9m paid out to 88 dispensing GPs

March 9th 2022

Tagged: NHS statistical reports Scotland

By Ailsa Colquhoun

In 2020-21, £21.9 million was paid to 88 GPs for dispensing services, a decrease of £1 million.

The report, NHS payments to General Practice – Financial year 2020 to 2021 records the loss of one dispensing practice in Scotland during the year. However, Public Health Scotland figures for January 2022 list 95 dispensing practices in Scotland.

In 2020/21 NHS Scotland paid out non-dispensing payments to 928 practices of £950.5 million. Payments have increased by £55.8 million (6.2%) compared to 2019/20, due to COVID support payments.

Of the £950.5 million paid in 2020/21, the global sum was the largest payment amounting to £643.8 million.