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Scottish MSPs rail at Boots UK home delivery charge plans

Impact on older people raised

September 10th 2019

Tagged: political news Pharmacy owners' news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Scottish MSPs have lodged a motion to stop pharmacy chain Boots from charging a £55 subscription for home delivery services from the end of September.

Led by Scottish labour MSP Jackie Baillie (Dumbarton), the motion reads: “That the Parliament is disappointed to hear that the retail giant, Boots, is introducing a UK-wide charge for the delivery of prescriptions from the end of September 2019; understands that customers will be required to pay £5 for a one-off delivery or an annual sum of £55 to continue their use of the service; notes that this charge applies to customers who order prescriptions at a local branch and not prescriptions ordered online; considers this to be extremely concerning as it could impact on the most vulnerable in communities, especially older people, many of whom, it believes, will not have access to the internet; believes that this is at a time when people are struggling to make ends meet, and fears that many older people might not be able to access the medication that they require to stay healthy.”

The motion is supported by an additional 11 MSPs.

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