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Slo-phyllin discontinuation

Ranitidine out of stock until further notice

November 29th 2019

Tagged: Clinical guidance news Dispensary guidance news supply shortages


Slo-phyllin (theophylline) will be discontinued with immediate effect, supplier Merck has advised following manufacturing issues.

Limited stock may be available to order directly from Merck’s customer services, if unavailable from wholesalers.

Healthcare professionals are asked to review patients to determine if theophylline is still required and to transfer patients to the closest equivalent dose of Uniphyllin Continus to be taken twice a day or aminophylline tablets (Phyllocontin Continus/Forte Continus), adjusting the dose as necessary.

View the alert.

There is also a ranitidine update advising that there is no date for resupply until further notice.

These alerts have also been added to the library of supply shortages.

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