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“The biggest problem with rural GP is urban mindset” GPs tell Parliament

Rural workforce inquiry hears from BMA

August 14th 2019

Tagged: political news Rurality

By Ailsa Colquhoun

“The biggest problem with rural general practice is the urban mindset of policy makers,” BMA workforce lead, Dr Krishna Kasaraneni has told a parliamentary inquiry into rural workforce challenges and opportunities He explained: “Big is beautiful. Investment in buildings is an example of the challenges faced where small development of GP practice is not attractive in terms of funders who prefer investment in larger scale urban estates.” However, he also suggested that the PCNs would have a potentially powerful impact in rural areas where a lack of service options is a spur to networking. He told the inquiry that the Enhanced Recruitment Scheme, which provides a £20,000 supplement over a three-year period in areas where vacancies are hard to fill has had a major impact in addressing recruitment challenges: the number of participants is now running at 250 places linked to areas with recruitment issues, and he said: “Recruitment is less of a challenge than retention.” He added that pension regulations have impacted on GP retention, providing a disincentive for people to stay in practice generally.

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