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Three outstanding DDA members

A total of 12 outstanding ratings received

February 3rd 2017

Tagged: Dispensary guidance news CQC

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Three DDA members have between them received 12 outstanding ratings in the latest round of published CQC reports.

Awarding top ratings on all five measures to Dr Barrie and Partners (also known as the Chet Valley Medical Practice) in Norwich, inspectors noted the dispensary’s contribution to the practice’s responsiveness to patients’ needs: staff had identified high amount of waste from stoma products, and a specialist stoma nurse was asked to undertake face to face reviews with patients. As a result of a dispensary patient satisfaction audit, an extra member of staff was employed to cover busy times.

Inspectors also found that the practice team was aware of carers and their time constraints. As a result, they ensured continence supplies were available in the dispensary to avoid carers making multi trips to the practice and appointments were made at times convenient for carers or their charges.

Looking specifically at medicines management, inspectors noted that the dispensary had delivered Dispensary Reviews of Medicines Use (DRUMs) for 14 per cent of the dispensing list size. Dispensary staff also showed that they could identify when a medicine review was due and had processes in place to raise an alert before a repeat prescription was issued.

Safety was also assured through the following measures:

  • clear operating procedures in place that accurately reflect practice
  • significant events recorded for analysis, review and learning
  • all repeat prescriptions signed before dispensing
  • all dispensary staff appropriately trained and annually appraised
  • CDs appropriately managed
  • medicines stored securely
  • expiry dates and fridge and dispensary temperatures checked regularly
  • blank prescription forms held securely.

Receiving outstanding ratings on the measures of effectiveness, quality of care and leadership, and responsiveness to people’s needs is the Litcham Health Centre in King’s Lynn.

Good dispensary management contributed to a good rating for safety. Inspectors noted:

  • clear operating procedures that accurately reflect practice
  • significant events including dispensing near-misses were recorded, analysed and reviewed.
  • repeat prescriptions signed before dispensing, and systems in place to alert a prescriber to an overdue medicines review
  • medicine audits
  • high risk medications reviewed
  • dispensary staff trained and appraised
  • CDs appropriately managed
  • medicines stored securely
  • expiry dates and fridge temperatures checked
  • secure storage and tracking of blank prescription forms.

Distington Surgery in Workington, Cumbria, was rated outstanding for the quality of its caring, leadership and for its responsiveness to people’s needs. One example of the practice’s outstanding responsiveness was the practice’s remote delivery service, set up following cuts in local public transport services. Inspectors found that the service was supported by a number of safety protocols in place.

Supporting dispensary safety, which was rated as good, were the following measures:

  • safe arrangements for managing medicines
  • processes were in place for handling repeat prescriptions which included the review of high risk medicines
  • regular medicines audits
  • secure storage of blank prescription forms and pads
  • appropriate training and opportunities for continuing learning and development for dispensary staff.
  • medicines incidents or ‘near misses’ recorded for learning
  • dispensing process quality monitored
  • standard operating procedures in place
  • Dispensary Services Quality Scheme (DSQS) membership
  • CD governance.

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