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Three SOPs added for DDA members

Receiving stock; prescription retrieval; dispensary audit

January 2nd 2019

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Three new free SOPs are available online for DDA members, bringing the total number of free resources in this section to 42.

The new SOPs are:

Receiving stock

Purpose: To ensure stock is safely and effectively received by the dispensary.

Scope: This SOP covers the receipt of all medicines and dispensary stock items except for controlled drugs. Information relating to the receipt of CDs is available in the dispensary SOP: Controlled Drugs: Ordering, storage and dispensing.

Prescription retrieval

Purpose: To ensure that prescriptions are collected in a timely manner by the patient. This process also incorporates a check on drug compliance and affects stock management.

Scope: This SOP covers the management of medication to ensure that prescriptions are collected within the month. This also ensures that the patient is taking their medication correctly. It also ensures that stock takes are done regularly and efficiently.

Dispensary audits

Purpose: To ensure that dispensary audits are run annually/bi-annually within the dispensary to ensure that DSQS targets are met

Scope: This SOP covers the planning, recording and review of dispensary audits within the dispensary.

View the new SOPs in the DDA’s online, member-only SOP library.


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