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Tips and hints for a successful practice merger

"Positive pants must be worn all day, every day

November 21st 2018

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

“Positive pants must be worn all day, everyday,” when it comes to merging practices, says Jacinta Edgar, business
partner and pharmacy manager at the Garstang Medical Centre.

In her DDA 2018 annual conference presentation on practice merger: dispensing at scale she said there five important things to remember:

  • Keep up the momentum within the whole team
  • Ensure all partners are singing from the same hymn sheet
  • Remember the vision
  • Positive pants must be worn all day everyday
  • Find a good gin stockist.

She said Garstang’s reasons for merging included clinical workforce challenges, increased housing but not funding, large mergers locally, and the potential to harness efficiencies from a shared back office function.

Benefits from the merger have included the development of a lead nurse role and a medicines management team.

Covering key stages in the merger process, Ms Edgar said that staff engagement from the outset was crucial, and that this had included initial individual staff meetings, regular team meetings, the appointment of staff representatives and professional HR support.

View the full presentation.


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