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Venlafaxine XL 300 mg prolonged-release tablets barcode alert

Barcode erroneously relates to branded version

November 17th 2022

Tagged: MHRA alert


Macarthys Laboratories t/a Martindale Pharma has issued an alert over barcode error affecting one batch of venlafaxine XL 300 mg prolonged-release tablets.

The affected batch is

Batch numberExpiry datePack sizeFirst distributed

The 2D barcode relates to the branded version of the product (Venlalic XL 300 mg prolonged-release tablets) instead of the generic version: venlafaxine XL 300 mg prolonged-release tablets. The code for the printed barcode is correct.

The affected batch is not being recalled and wholesalers/healthcare professionals are advised to exercise caution when handling the product. Patients do not need to be informed.

For further information, medical enquiries and stock information, contact: [email protected]