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Wales pilots new approach to regulation

Three-month trial introduces three-tiered approach

August 3rd 2020

Tagged: HIW

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) has set out new ways of working to regulate services, including dispensing practices, during the next 12 months. A pilot running from August to October will introduce a three-tiered model of assurance and inspection that reduces the reliance on onsite inspection activity.
  • Tier 1 activity will be conducted entirely offsite and will be used primarily where issues cannot be resolved via the standard concerns process and where the risk of conducting an onsite inspection remains high
  • Tier 2 will introduce a combination of offsite and limited onsite activity
  • Tier 3 will represent a more traditional onsite inspection.
HIW reserves the right to conduct a full inspection at any time but expects the majority of work to be Tier 1 throughout August and September. For this activity, where work is announced, there will be a shorter lead in time (at least seven working days), and centred on a request for information, and a follow-up phone or video call with key personnel. Practices will be issued with a written summary and, where required, an improvement plan. A summary report will also be published. According to HIW, the aim is to deploy resources in a more agile way, responding to specific risks and issues whilst taking account of revised operating models during the pandemic. HIW recently published a position statement that sets out the principles that underpin regulation during COVID-19.