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Wales sets up new group to look at medicines efficiencies

Standardisation, polypharmacy and generic prescribing in target

January 16th 2023

Tagged: political news Wales

By Ailsa Colquhoun

A resource utilisation group has been set up in Wales to look at potential areas for savings, including of medicines.

Chaired by NHS Wales Director General Judith Paget, the group will look at embedding consistency across Welsh health boards, as well as generic prescribing and polypharmacy.

Explaining the rationale for the group, Eluned Morgan, Welsh minister for health and social services, said: “10 per cent of the budget is not insignificant, so there have got to be some savings that we can make there.”

Nick Wood deputy chief executive NHS Wales called for a focus on “very clear efficiencies that don’t affect patient care but just basically save us money or expenditure”.