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Watch out for PA wrong group movements

Misidentified PAs are a major cause of financial losses

November 1st 2017

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Items wrongly identified as personally administered (PA) are the reason for a lot of wrong group (prescription charge) movements, NHS Prescription Services told dispensing practice teams in its DDA 2017 annual conference presentation on the topic of payment issues and how to be paid more efficiently.

PA items do not attract the NHS prescription charge but to avoid a wrong group movement, the item must be listed in the dm+d as attracting the personal allowance, said Kerry Frenz, NHS prescription services’ senior specialist pharmacist. Information on using the dm+d is available online from the DDA.

In the presentation, which was made jointly with NHS business development pharmacist Philip Edwards, the team from the NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) said that non electronic prescriptions now  made up the minority of those received by BSA (43 per cent of prescriptions).

NHS BSA is promoting a paperless NHS by 2020, as annually over 1.1 billion prescription items are processed, with volumes increasing every year by around 5 per cent. However, dispensing GPs were reassured that if there are any doubts about how to pay prescription claims, “these would be referred to a human being” for clarification.

In a presentation that also offered best practice tips for sorting accounts, dispensing GPs were strongly advised to use a tracked system for submitting their accounts for payment. Ms Frenz said: “Each form is worth an average of £20 so make sure they find their way to our offices safely.”

Best practice advice for claiming/endorsing shared with conference delegates included  the facility to amend the main body of a script to reflect branded items dispensed, for example, sildenafil (Pfizer). This may become necessary if an item cannot be bought at a price below the printed or concessionary drug tariff price. In view of the recent increase in the number of concession prices granted each month, the DDA recently published advice on amending prescriptions to mitigate financial losses.

Other advice shared by the NHS BSA team included:

  • Claiming for high volume vaccines
  • Claimable vaccines
  • Batch prescribing or repeatable prescriptions

Read the NHS BSA’s DDA 2017 annual conference presentation.



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