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What to look at in the Drug Tariff

Understand which sections are important to dispensing GPs

October 27th 2021

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By Ailsa Colquhoun

Which sections of the Drug Tariff for England & Wales to look at, and understanding the DM+D were key topics in the DDA conference presentation, Drug Tariff and the DM+D made simple.

Making the presentation, Dr Philip Koopowitz explained that the Drug Tariff can be viewed three working days before the Tariff comes into effect. This gives practices a chance to see how prices will change and to manage stock levels accordingly.

Prefaces four and five of the tariff highlight additions to next month’s tariff and the actual changes to the current month’s tariff (not necessarily the same thing) for the same reason.

A key list to be aware of is that covering drugs for which discount is not deducted. As dispensing GPs are not eligible to receive the Zero Discount concession, these drugs will be subject to the dispensing GP clawback (a typical deduction of 11.18 per cent). This will affect profitability, he said.

The presentation also explains Categories A, C and M, and arrangements for the payment for Specials and imported unlicensed medicines.

Turning to the DM+D, Dr Koopowitz recommended practices to use which offers a more intuitive interface than the NHS DM+D. Important information included in this portal include whether the item attracts the NHS PA allowance, the item’s reimbursement price, and information on prescription charges and dispensing fees payable.

The presentation was written by DDA Board member Dr Neil Windsor-Jones but presented by DDA Board member Dr Philip Koopowitz.

View the presentation.