AAH introduces £200 per manufacturer min monthly spend threshold

By Ailsa Colquhoun

With effect from 1 October 2017 and for customers on standard supply terms, all products that are supplied via a reduced wholesaler model (i.e. where AAH has been appointed as one of two or three wholesale partners) will be subject to £200 spend threshold per month per manufacturer before discount, unless  AAH has notified practices individually, and in writing.

For the avoidance of doubt this discount does not apply to any products supplied from a manufacturer with a solus arrangement with AAH.

Other AAH updates:

Servier: From 1 October 2017 Servier will be moving from reduced wholesale to a standard wholesale arrangement. This change sees an amendment to the standard supplier discount, with the new rate set at 3.9 per cent.

Servier has also advised that it is stopping its dispensing doctor rebate scheme from November 1 2017. An alternative scheme will be available from Clarity.

Other updates:

  • Bard (AAH 6%)
  • Chiesi (discount reductions)
  • Kyowa Kirin (AAH, Alliance, Phoenix)

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DTP Schemes

DTP stands for Direct to Pharmacy schemes, although as they also extend to dispensing doctors, Direct To Purchaser might be more accurate.

In the DTP model, the manufacturer sells direct to the end customer, the dispensing contractor, using an exclusive or reduced number of wholesaler/s acting as distributors or logistics service providers only.

In this capacity, the wholesaler/s never owns the stock and so is in no position to offer any discounts.

DTP tends to be chosen by the larger firms. Glaxo was first, and Pfizer the second. Together, Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca and Merck account for just under 30% of the total UK pharmaceutical market (2010, source: ABPI)

There are also optional offers by some companies to sell direct or via mainline wholesalers. eg Roche and Bonviva via Williams, Takeda and Prostap via Clarity DTP. Ferring have made Pentasa, DDAVP Melts and Desmomelts available from Clarity DTP as well as mainline wholesalers.

An increasing number of companies use DTP models to distribute a limited range of lines, usually those that are low volume and high cost. Their other lines are distributed using the Reduced Wholesaler Model (RWM) – see below.

 Specified lines DTP model

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Chosen wholesaler/Distributor Lines affected
BAYER Direct Satisfex, Betaferon; 0%
BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB Direct Azactam, Etopophos, Orencia, Reyataz, Sprycel, Sustiva, Vepesid, Viaspan, Videx, Zerit For more information, read this letter.
NOVARTIS Direct, through Novartis’ Patient Priority Supply Service Aclasta, Afinator, Exjade, Glivec, Myfortic, Sandostatin LAR, Sandimmun, Tasigna, Tobi, Zometa
ROCHE Direct Pulmozyme (dornase alpha) ampoules 2.5mg and Valcyte (valganciclovir) tablets 450mg x 60

DTP Schemes

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Chosen distributor Details of discount/s offered and 0%s
ASTELLAS Alliance  To contact Astellas tel: 0203 379 8721 or e:
PSUK (some brands)
Two-way model, comprising a flat rate discount applied at the point of purchase. See here for discounts effective 1/2/16.

From PSUK: Emla Cream, Marcain, xylocaine, Zoladex. See here for more information.

See here for Symbicort Turbohaler (22%) discount information.See here for (26%) discount information on Eklira Genuair and Duaklir Genuair.For information on all other discounts, visit AZ (registration required)

GSK AAH, Alliance 11.2% across the board except Arzerra, Malarone, Toctino, Tyverb and Votrient
2.Additional product specific discount on Ellipta  brands: Relvar, Anoro and Incruse. Click here for more information
3.Weekly supply availability updates are available here
ELI LILLY AAH, Phoenix Three bands:
1] 15%: Celance, Prozac
2] 8.5%: Cialis, Cymbalta, Efient, Humapen, Strattera, Yentreve Zyprexa
3] 0%: Humulin  and Humatrope
IPSEN AAH All products are 0%.
See also RWM table below for Decapeptyl
PFIZER Alliance Four bands:
1] Flat rate on Lipitor + Viagra: 25%
2] Depo-Provera: 5%
3] 0%s; Click here for the full list of Pfizer discounts (incl. 0%s)
4] 7.5% on everything else
TAKEDA for Prostap Clarity DTP Discount available
Note: Prostap is also available via main wholesalers


RWM schemes In Reduced Wholesaler Model Schemes (RWM or Reduced Wholesaler Agreements, RWA), a pharmaceutical company will use specific wholesaler/s partners (usually, two, although solo and three-way RWM models also exist). Apart from the restriction on the number of wholesalers used, the RWM model is based on the traditional wholesale business model, ie, the wholesaler/s owns the stock and can offer discounts in the usual way.

Since its introduction, the RWM model has been widely adopted by pharmaceutical suppliers. At the 2011 Dispensing Doctors’ Association conference, it was said that only 20% of all items are supplied outside either an RWM or DTP wholesaling model.

365 HEALTHCARE ——— Eligible medical discount ———
ABBOTT Diabetes range: 6% Nutritional: NQ Other (excl. Freestyle Lite): 6% Diabetes range & Omacor MR: 5%; Nutritional and Omacor: NQ Diabetes range: 0% (+6%) Nutritional: 0% Other (excl. Freestyle Lite): 0% (+6%)
ABBVIE ——— ——— 0%
AHA WORLDWIDE ——— 8% ———
ALCON LABORATORIES 6%: For qualifying products, click here (unique lines highlighted in red) Other products: 0% 6% For qualifying products, click here (unique lines highlighted in red) ———
ALK-Abelló ——— Grazax: NQ Jext: NQ ———
ALLERGAN 6% 6% 6%
ALLIANCE Pharmaceuticals 8%: For applicable products click here 8% ———
ALMIRALL 4% 5% 3.85% + 2%
AMDIPHARM/MERCURY (AMCo) ———   Product list. 0.4% Click here for more information  ———
ANAIAH  ——— 0% ———
 ARCHIMEDES 4.5% Product list   ——— ———
ARISTO PHARMA   Mintreleq XL: 8%
ARJUN Normal discount Eligible where applicable ———
ASPEN NQ/7%: Product list    
ASPIRE 20%: Onexila XL 20%: Onexila XL 20%: Onexila XL
AYMES NQ: Product list ——— ———
BARD 6% Eligible medical discount ———
BASILEA ——— 0% ———
BAUSCH LOMB + M 4% Various 0% (+4%)
BAXTER ONCOLOGY ————– NQ: applicable products ———
BAYER DIABETES 8% 8% 6% (+2%)
BAYER Pharma (UK) 8%  8% Click on the link for products and discounts 6% (+2%)
BECTON DICKINSON 10%: pen needles – see here; other BD products: standard medical Eligible medical discount  Qualifying ethical
BIAL ————– ————– NQ

Solus for Spiriva Respimat and Spiolto

3.5% (+1.5%)
Solus for Pradaxa (dabigatran)
BRISTOLMYERS SQUIBB ‡ 7% excl. Baraclude: NQ Applicable products (plus Byetta/Bydureon) 7% discount (all customers, non NQ lines only) Applicable products (plus Byetta/Bydureon) ———
CEB ——— 8.5% ———
CHIESI 3%: For product information, click here awaited 4%
COLOPLAST Products: 5% Product range: 6%  ———

See Product list

Rewisca: 8.5% Qualifying ethical
CONVATEC 6%: Product list Eligible medical discount See Products 10%
DAIICHI SANKYO 5% 5% MDS: Olmetec & Sevikar – Individual to each customer 5%
DERMA UK 6% (from 12/6/17) Product list ——— ———
Dr FALK Salofalk suppositories, Budenofalk capsules and granules: 9%   ———  Standard terms
DR SCHÄR ——– 0% ———
EISAI for Aricept, Inovelon, Pariet, Zebinix and Zonegran 7.5% 7.5% 4% (+3.5%)
ETHYPHARM (formerly DB Ashbourne) Qualifying lines: 7.5%

Zomorph (solus): NQ

  Selected products: 7.5%
EVOLAN PHARMA ——— ZipZoc (from 1/7/17) ———
FERRING Calscreen: NQ Others: 4% —— ———
FINOX ——– 0% ——–
FLYNN PHARMA 5.25% 5.25% ——–
FOODLINK ——– 0% ——–
FONTUS ——– Eligible medical discount ——–
GLUCORX 3% 5% 5.5%
GRUNENTHAL 7%: Arcoxia, Tramacet, Versidal and Zydol – also see here Palexia: NQ Recivit: NQ Palexia: NQ Palexia: NQ
HARTMAN 6% —— 10%
INFAI —— —— NQ
INTRAPHARM LABS All products MDS available: Click here for details All products MDS available: click here for details Qualifying ethical
IPSEN for Decapeptyl See DTP table —— 0%
JANSSEN 6% 7% 7% (+1.5%)
JUVELA (HERO) ——— As special lines: NQ ———
KoRa/ NEWPORT ——— All lines: 0% ———
KYOWA KIRIN 4.5% 4.5% 7%
LEO ———– 7% ———
LIFESCAN   9%: OneTouch, Ultra and Finepoint only 8% 7% (+1.5%)
LUNDBECK ——– 7% ———
MANFRED SAUER 6%  7.5%  
MARTINDALE ——– Prenoxad/Teglutik: NQ

Woundcare: eligible medical discount

MEAD JOHNSON NUTRITION (UK) NQ NQ Selected products  ——–
MEDA Elidel Cream: (30g, 60g, 100g): 2.5% EpiPen Auto-Injector and Muse/nabilone: N/A Others: 1.6% Elidel: 4% EpiPen Auto-Injector and Muse/nabilone: NQ Selected products1.6% Elidel: N/A Muse/nabilone: N/A Others: 1.6%
MEDAC ——— for Metoject: NQ & leflunomide ———
MERCK SERONO Gonal F & Ovitrelle: NQ (AAH only) Saizen: 8% Saizen: NQ Qualifying ethical products
MERUS ———– 7%: Products

(excludes: Emselex)

MITSUBISHI ———–  ——— Tanatril: 7.5%   Exembol: NQ.
MSD  Pharma: 7% Zepatier: NQ

Vaccines: NQ

———– ———
MYLAN 1.6%/4% – see Product list awaited awaited
NAPP 4.5% (excl. NQ lines) click here for product information 4% (excl. NQ lines)

Solus on Truxima – NQ

2.5% +2%
NESTLE NQ Oral Impact range only: NQ Qualifying ethical
NEWPORT ———– 0% ———–
NIPRO DIAGNOSTIC Product range 8% ——— 8%

See Product list

——— ———
NOVARTIS (also see above for selective DTP lines) 3.5%: Estradot; Lioresal; Tegretol & Voltarol (selected strengths)

NQ: Ritalin; Syntocinon Liam

7%: Remaining lines – see details

Additional dispensing doctor purchase agreements terminated from 1/2/16. See here for explanation

7% Additional dispensing doctor purchase agreements terminated from 1/2/16. See here for explanation ———
NOVO NORDISK ———- 8% (excl. NQ lines) ———
NUALTRA ———- NQ ——–
NUTRICIA M Ethical lines; NQ

Others: 7%

Solus 0%: Product Information 0%
OTSUKA ——– Abilify & Pletal  (7%)

Samsca: NQ


MDS: 10-20%  (Tricare and Unifine Pentips)

EMD MDS: 10-20%  (Tricare and Unifine Pentips) ———


PROSTRAKEN 4.5%  4.5% ———
PROVECA ——– NQ ——–
QDEM ——– NQ  7%
RECKITT BENCKISER +++ 0% ——– ———
ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS Normal discount Eligible Medical Discount on all lines Meters are net priced MDS: Accucheck: 15% Qualifying ethical
ROCHE PRODUCTS 7%: Product list 7% (excl. NQ lines) spend contributes to customer threshold ———
SANOFI AVENTIS 8% (no renal) 7% (AH only for renal lines) 7% (+1.5%) (no renal)
SANTEN Taptiqom: 7%    ———  ———

Arrangements with Clarity from 31/10/17

7.5%  ———
SHIRE ——– 6% on non NQ lines Fosrenol and Xagrid: 0% Click on the link for full product information 6%
SMITH & NEPHEW ——– Eligible Medical Discounts Product range 9%
SOLVAY Omacor and Colofac MR: 6% Eligible Medical where discount applies Omacor: NQ
SPIRIT HEALTHCARE Ceresens N Test Strip: 3% ——– ——–
SUNOVION ——– 7% ——–
SYNERGY ——– 10% (net price) ——–
SYSTAGENIX Qualifying products: qualifying ethical discount Eligible Medical Discounts Products  13%
TAKEDA  ——– Awaited Calcichew: 7.5%
TECHNOMED ——– Eligible medical Discount ——–
TILLOTT for Octasa++ 10.5% 10.5% MDS: 25% Qualifying ethical
UCB Keppra, Viridal & Vimpat: NQ Others: 4.25% All solus: 4% ——–
ULTRAPHARM ——– Product list: 0%  
URGO  ——–  8% 8%
VENTURE ——– NQ ———
VITAFLO Products: NQ ——– NQ
WARNER CHILCOTT (ACTAVIS) 5.5%: Actonel; Asacol; Cacit – see here 6% 6%: Asacol
WELLSPECT 5% Eligible Medical Discounts Others: 5%  4-13%
YOUR PRODUCTS ——– 0% ———

+ Bausch and Lomb also use Mawdsleys and Sants* (Alliance) Discount applied before invoicing. Therefore invoice price is net of discount. Medical Trading Terms apply in addition to Alliance Healthcare’s standard terms and conditions of sale.

++ Octasa is also available from Mawsleys and Mawdsley pre-wholesale

‡ BMS Baraclude is only via Alliance.

+++ Reckitt Benckiser products below:

Temgesic Amp 0.3mg/1ml x5          Suboxone Sub Tab 2mg x28            Subutex Sub Tab 0.4mg x7

Temgesic Sub Tab 0.2mg x50         Suboxone Sub Tab 8mg x28            Subutex Sub Tab 2mg x7

Temgesic Sub Tab 0.4mg x50         Subutex Sub Tab 8mg

Exceptions to above arrangements:

Bayer – does not include Bayer Consumer Care

GSK – does not include GSK Vaccines, GSK Consumer Health and ViiV Healthcare UK products

Novartis – does not include Novartis Consumer Health

Roche – does not include Roche Diagnostics

Pfizer – does not include Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, Wyeth Vaccines or SMA Nutrition

Shire – does not include Shire Human Genetics

‡‡ Mead Johnson lines supplied by Alliance Healthcare & AAH


M– available from Mawdsleys

This information applies to Great Britain only

 Surcharge table

Wholesaler Fuel Ordered In Error Low Spend Additional information
Alliance Healthcare Sliding scale based on AA roadwatch. Costs: £0-£11.50 (+VAT)   For more information £50 for returns over 2% of items ordered that month £300 for total sales which do not meet the minimum threshold of £5000 1.        Alliance Healthcare purchases (excluding exclusive supply lines) contribute to overall AH discounts.

2.        No surcharges apply to products that are exclusive to Alliance

Forte Group terms:
Forte Generics
: Net priced scheme (+additional spend-related rebates):
Eligible Medical discount: 10.5%-12%

CD and NQ discount: 6-8% on qualifying lines

Two membership levels: fees from £35
Additional benefits:

·         No low spend surcharges

·         No returns charges


PHOENIX n/a from Jan 1, 2015 £60 n/a



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