Meet the DDA Board

The DDA Board comprises 14 members, including regional representatives for Scotland and Wales, two officers – the Chief Executive and Secretary – and one co-opted attendee. It meets at least four times a year.

All DDA Board posts are elected (by DDA members) and the current chief executive is Matthew Isom, who was appointed in September, 2012. Mr Isom succeeds Dr David Baker who took up the post of first chief executive in 1997.

DDA Executive Officers

    Matthew Isom

    Chief Executive

    Matthew Isom joins the DDA from the British Medical Association’s (BMA) General Practitioners’ Committee (GPC) secretariat, where he was responsible for policy and negotiations for dispensing doctors for 12 years.  Read more >

      DDA Board

      Dr Richard West


      Dr Richard West has been a member of the DDA board since 2003 and was elected Chairman of the DDA in April 2006. His special interests include education and the regulations/ dispensing contract… Read more >

        Dr Allan Tennant


        Dr Allan Tennant became a member of the executive of the DDA in 1994. He was Secretary of the Association from 1998-2000 and is currently DDA Vice-Chairman… Read more >

            Dr Richard Melton


            I qualified in 1980 and was a founding member of the Dispensing Doctors Association when it started in 1985. I was acting chairman of Dispensing Doctors Association 1999 to 2000…Read more >

                Dr David Baker

                David Baker has been a member of the DDA since 1986 and joined the executive of the Association in 1995. He became Secretary of the Association in 2000…Read more >

                    Dr Aidan Egleston

                    Dr Aidan Egleston joined the DDA Board in late 2004 and has a special interest in lobbying for the benefit of dispensing general practice… Read more>

                        Dr Ian Hume

                        Dr Ian Hume is a dispensing GP in the market town of Diss, Norfolk. He is also the Chairman of the Norfolk LMC. He is a member of the GPC.  

                            Dr David Jenner

                            A Board member since August 2014, Dr David Jenner is a part-time principal in General Practice, in a rural partnership serving five sites and two contracts  dispensing practice in rural Devon… Read more>

                                Dr Philip Koopowitz

                                Philip Koopowitz has been a dispensing doctor for several decades and has taken a great interest in ensuring that clinically appropriate drugs are dispensed in a safe, efficient and profitable manner… Read more>

                                    Dr Hal Maxwell (Scottish representative)

                                    Dr Hal Maxwell is a GP in a small rural dispensing practice in South west Scotland… Read more>

                                        Dr Anne Phillips

                                        Board Member Dr  Anne Phillips has a special responsibility for Education & Training Issues… Read more>


                                            Mark Stone

                                            Mark Stone is a Practice Pharmacist Partner at the Tamer Valley Practice, a large rural practice that has two dispensaries and a pharmacy. Read more>


                                                Dr Ewan Thomas (Welsh representative)

                                                I have been a partner in a rural Anglesey practice for 30 years. Read more>

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