About Dispensing Practice

Dispensing doctors are general practitioners (GPs) who provide primary healthcare to around 9.9 million rural patients. Almost 3.5 million of these patients live remotely from a community pharmacy; at the patient’s request dispensing doctors are allowed to dispense the medicines they prescribe for these patients.

Only certain patients are eligible to receive dispensing services from a dispensing doctor; in total, around 7% of all prescription items are dispensed by doctors.

The unique benefits of the dispensing doctor service are that it provides access to medicines and general healthcare under one roof.

A total network of 1,107 dispensing practices across Great Britain is located as follows:

England: 948 dispensing practices, 9.28 million registered patients (November 2022) NHS Digital

Scotland: 92 dispensing practices, 282,688 registered patients (April 2023). Public Health Scotland

Wales:  67 dispensing practices, 304,409 registered patients (February 2023) NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership

The DDA has produced a briefing paper for NHS commissioners in England, summarising the key points about dispensing practice. Papers for Scotland and Wales will follow in due course.

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