Communications from the DDA

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NEW!  New Year 2018: DDA chief executive sets out his New Year’s resolutions for dispensing practices

New Year 2017: DDA chief executive sets out five New Year’s resolutions for dispensing practice

Spring 2016: DDA chairman speaks out about the political frustrations affecting  dispensing practice

February 15, 2016: DDA responds to future of pharmacy consultation.

 Winter 2016: Chairman’s letter regarding cuts to pharmacy funding

Winter 2015: Chairman’s update: DDA sets out future challenges for dispensing practice. 

Spring 2015: Chief Executive’s Briefing: Use dispensing practices to pilot the introduction of pharmacists into general practice

Spring 2015: The DDA’s Rural Practice Manifesto

September 2014: Chief Executive’s Briefing: Transformation in store for the DDA and dispensing practice

Spring 2014: Chairman’s Briefing: Keep Lobbying

DDA Quarterly newsletter

Thanks to the generous support of Accord (formerly Actavis), the DDA is able to bring, in printed form, selected highlights of DDA Online news and dispenser training to dispensing practices around the country.

These supplements, which are published quarterly, are distributed in printed copy form by Accord  to selected customers; they are also available from the Accord Academy website (free registration required) and here for visitors to DDA Online to download.

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Supplement 3: November

Supplement 2: August

Supplement 1: April


Supplement 3: November

Supplement 2: August

Supplement 1 April


Supplement 4: January

Supplement 3: November

Supplement 2: July

Supplement 1: April


Supplement 4: January, 2016

Supplement 3: October

Supplement 2: July

Supplement 1: April


Supplement 4: January

Supplement 3: October

Supplement 2: June

Supplement 1: March

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