DDA DSQS Resource Pack

This pack contains most of the information needed to fulfil the criteria for achieving the DSQS

Produced by Dr Philip Koopowitz

1. Payment

This remains £2.58 per dispensing patient on your list as at 1 January 2008. Ensure all patients who qualify are recorded as dispensing patients.

2. Dispensing Staff

Training and Experience:

The following attachments can be downloaded and adapted to your practice.

Assessment of Competency
Certificate of Competency for Dispensing
Certificate of Competency to Assist with Dispensing Matters
Staff Training and Experience Proforma

3. Governance

SOPs :

The following SOPs are considered to be the basic minimum SOPs for each practice. All SOPs can be downloaded from our SOP library by clicking here

Accuracy Checking
Assembling and Labelling Prescriptions
Controlled Drugs
CD Destruction
Pharmaceutical Assessment
Taking in Prescriptions
Transferring Items to patients

Risk Management:

The attached Risk Management Policy can be downloaded and adapted to your individual practice


The attached audit/survey assesses the quality of advice given by Dispensers. An audit of 100 patients collecting repeat prescriptions should provide you with a good idea of how the patients think the Dispensers are performing.

4. Review with Patients of Concordance and Compliance with use of Medicines

10% of your Dispensing list need to have an annual review. The patients to be targeted should be agreed with your PCT.

The attached DRUM proforma can be adapted for use in your practice. Evidence of the DRUMs must be entered into the patients records.


5. Useful further reading
Supplementary Guidance DSQS GMS 2006/07
Statement of Financial Entitlements

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