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SSP VAT allowance to stop from June 1

SSP payment rules changing for dispensing GPs

May 26th 2023

Tagged: DM Zone news England

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Dispensing GPs in England and Wales are advised that from 1 June 2023, the allowance for VAT currently paid when reimbursing for products supplied in accordance with Serious Shortage Protocols (SSP) will stop.

This change will be reflected from the June 2023 Drug Tariff.

NHS BSA publishes guidance for dispensing doctors in England on dispensing under a SSP.

This states that SSPs can be used where dispensing doctors are unable to re-write an FP10 prescription.

Supply in accordance with an SSP attracts the usual single activity fee, plus the additional SSP fee of £5.35. Contractors should endorse the prescription with “SSP” and the three-digit reference number of the specific SSP, stating the supplied medicine and quantity and follow usual endorsement rules.

Where a lower quantity is supplied, the patient will automatically be exempt from the prescription charge and no signatures or declarations of exemption are required from the patient.

The DDA is seeking clarification for Scottish members.