DDA CD Registers

The CD Register plays an invaluable role in the governance of Controlled Drugs in dispensing practice.

Comprising 15 pages, the DDA’s CD Register has been designed to allow dispensing practices to log transactions and balances for each drug on a one-drug-per-Register basis.

The DDA is delighted to be able to offer practices a new CD Register ‘bundle’ offer:

  • Practices will receive a pack of 20 Registers – plus two free Registers  – for just £26 including postage.
  • Further bundles are also available, each comprising 10 per cent free fill on Registers.

Bundle information and costs (DDA members):

20+2 CD Registers (total: 22): £26 (DDA members)

40+4 CD Registers (total: 44): £48

60+6 CD Registers (total 66): £70

80+8 CD Registers (total 88): £95

100+10 CD Registers (total 110): £118

Prices include postage and packing

Non-DDA Members should add £10 to the prices quoted above

To order, please contact the DDA Office. 

Download the CD Registers brochure