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Lib Dems announce 10-point plan to save NHS

Key priorities include reducing demand for GP services

September 25th 2023

Tagged: political news

By Ailsa Colquhoun

Measures to reduce demand for GP services have been announced as one of 10 new health policies set out by the Liberal Democrats in its autumn party conference.

The 10-point plan was presented to the autumn party conference which started on Saturday as a new policy to transform NHS care. The key proposals were taken to conference by the party’s health and social care spokesman Daisy Cooper MP (St Albans).

Key measures include widening access to blood pressure tests in community spaces like pharmacies and libraries, increased focus on public health and reducing inequalities,  increased social prescribing and accreditation for proven health apps.

In previous statements, the Lib Dems have also called for rural communities to have a stronger voice in government by appointing a cross-departmental minister for rural communities.