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Rural travel times to GP practice is more than double than in urban areas

Other rural data included in Statistical Digest includes broadband speed

May 3rd 2022

Tagged: Rurality England

By Charles Gladwin

People in rural areas require more than double the time to get to a GP than in urban areas, the latest Statistical Digest of Rural England indicates.

For those living in rural areas, the minimum travel time to the nearest GP using public transport or walking is 23 minutes on average, or 42 minutes if the journey were to be walking only. This compares to 11 minutes and 13 minutes respectively in urban areas. For people in the most isolated rural settings, the minimum journey time is estimated at to be at least 57 minutes.

The data from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs also notes that:

  • in 2020, the average broadband speed in Predominantly Rural areas was 54 Mbit/s compared with 81 Mbit/s in Predominantly Urban areas;
  • the rural population has a higher proportion of those aged 65 and over, at 25.4 per cent, compared with the urban population where 17.1 per cent are 65 and over;
  • the potential years of life lost (PYLL) from all causes of death was lower in Predominantly Rural areas (370 years of life lost per 10,000 population) than Predominantly Urban areas (479 YLL/10,000 population).